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The mission of the Iota Foundation is to provide housing for the Iota Chapter of the Theta Xi Fraternity in the event that Washington University ends Greek life on campus. All funds are invested in preparation of this mission. However, in times when the Fraternity is not at risk, funds will be provided to maintain the charitable nature of the Fraternity, which is often a tradition that bonds past, current, and future brothers together. In years past this has been a donation to support the Fraternity's efforts at the Thurtene Carnival. The carnival always donates proceeds to a children's charity and the event provides leadership opportunities for the Fraternity. Starting next year we plan to donate to the Brother's efforts in the Multiple Sclerosis 150 mile bike ride (MS150).

Please consider donating to our charity. Donations are made through PayPal to ensure your security. Also, all donations are tax exempt and you will receive a letter in January for use on your tax return. As a bonus you will receive the password to the Picasa account so that you can download photos and (soon) movies from past Thurtene campaigns.

If you have any photos or movies that you would like to post, or any questions, please contact me at

Thank you,
Damon Magnuski - Director, Iota Foundation
Iota 1478

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